What?    The Nova will be 50 years old???

The exceptional Nova computer was ahead of its time, was created and marketed by an aggressive, dynamic company and introduced technology that is still recognized today.

This calls for a once-in-a-half-century celebration!

What: A celebration of 50 years of Nova history

Where: Denver, Colorado

When: October 22, 23, 24, 2018

What: Novas, Novas, Novas!  ... and more!

Cost: (to be determined)

Celebrate the technical and personal impact of the Data General Nova and its exciting part of computer history. We intend to expose a gathering of Nova-lovers to a broad range of Nova hardware, software, memorabilia, personal musings, special announcements and mini-presentations, and much more. The list of possible activities is expanding, but current highlights include:

Interact With Live Computers

  • Play with real working Novas - original Nova, Nova 1200, Nova 3, and Nova 4 computers - perhaps ones that you designed or programmed
  • Run original DOS, RDOS, MP/OS, and ICOS operating systems
  • Languages include Assembler, original stand-alone BASIC, Extended BASIC, Business BASIC, ALGOL, FORTRAN IV, FORTRAN 5, DG/L and other languages
  • ...And perhaps other surprise software

Official Announcements

  • DG/Wild Hare software title agreement
  • hobbyist software licensing
  • restoration assistance program
  • museum agreements
  • other museums, universities and collections

Mini Presentations

  • Notes From A DG User: An Unhealthy Perspective
  • DG's Forgotten Technical Legacy
  • Most Unusual Applications
  • Most Unusual Location
  • Novas Still In Service
  • DGs Ads - from Comic to Corporate

Special Feature

  • recreation of the original 1968 FJCC Nova Spacewar! demonstration.

Personal Histories and Memoirs?

  • Pictures from the "good ol' days" to share
  • Anecdotes, stories, and lies

Speakers: perhaps you?

Each guest will receive a piece of DG history.

Shameless Request

We are obsessed with preserving the DG legacy and want to preserve "anything DG". Do you have items we can add to the archives, such as:
  • software
  • documentation
  • hardware
  • sales literature and brochures
  • newsletters
  • MAPS and MAPS/Plus
  • anything else "DG"...


We are looking for event content suggestions. Please send suggestions, comments, ridicule, or personal grievances to:

Bruce Ray
Wild Hare Computer Systems, Inc.
Boulder, Colorado USA
bkr (at) WildHareComputers.com

Note: please put Nova 50 somewhere in the e.mail subject, or use the handy e.form below...

I Will Attend!

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And the Teaser...

If you have read this far you might be the type of person to enjoy running a Nova again.
Just click on the Nova front panel below...

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